The aims of project

Main project objective

Objective: to create the intellectual and institutional capacities of international platform to increase the education and consultancy of professional and beginning beekeepers, public´ knowledge dissemination to survival the sustainable using of endangered pollinators, bees, bee products and their services to improve nutrition, health and life quality.

Specific objectives:

1) creating a network of V4 research and educational institutions and associations of beekeepers and RS, UA, MD and AR countries as a model of active cooperation - BeeNet;

2) creating e-platform in the form of specialized web site for systematic on-line education – BeeEduca;

3) focus on new knowledge to resolve current problems of bee mortality and nutrition, GMO, apiculture and apitherapy by creating at least 10 e-learning texts, 60 e-lectures, 70 presentations of research results in the form of scientific publications for 5 specialized courses, exhibitions and other products - BeeLibrary;

4) Organizing 6 scientific conferences for beekeepers in the countries SK, UA, MD, AR, RS - BeeScience;

5) using products as basic sources of information for organizing 5 specialized courses for beekeepers ;

6) public discussion by experts, beekeepers and public to address the serious problems with threat to bees, treatment of autism by apitherapy in the form of webinars - BeeForum; Partners will contribute practical experience in product creation and implementation, organizing conferences and using project products for more active education of beekeepers and knowledge dissemination for the population in their country.